Friday, April 7, 2023

Dreams Die Hard.9


It is the first week of April. I am on a 12-month lease on this apartment with eight months to go. I am trying to tell myself that living here is not that bad, and it really isn’t. But, it would be much easier for me to live here if I was financially and physically able to travel. As it is, I expect to be tormented with a need to “go” for the next eight months if not for much longer. 

I am trying to decide what to do with my van. Putting a $6000+ engine in it last year, and getting rear-ended less than 3 months later has put a heavy strain on my financial situation. Plus, I blew the insurance money I received to fix the van on 3 of my 5 attempts to relocate to southern Nevada. And, I have several small repairs to make just to keep it on the road.

Temptation is rather hard to deal with at this time for me. I know it would be best for me to wait to do any kind of van build at this time. I am doing ok with that for now. I want to fix a couple of current electrical issues first. Then I think I need to save a little nest egg to take care of major issues that are bound to come up. I am trying to hold off on any type of van build until my banknote on the van gets lower. Then I can make up my mind whether I want to even keep it or trade it in for something that will make a better RV for me. Or, will I be able to forget about living on the road again? I doubt I will be able to do that.


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