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Family Tree.c/l

Family Tree - Keith Birmingham
Copyright, 2011
At 100 to 110 bpm in 4/4 time
              C                          Em                           F                          G
C                            Em                           F                           G
              C                          Em                           F                          G
Just a foolish lad chasing after dreams, never worried about the cost.
C                            Em                           F                           G
Running fast and running free, never missed what he had lost.
                  F                                      G                         Em                Am
Chasing shining stars he drove the fastest cars, never giving up the pace.
                  C                                Am                                 F            G         C     G
Running down the road, headed for the gold, a winners smile was on his face.

                     C                              Em                                  F                  G
When he became a man his life began to change the day headed off to war.
                          C                                 Em                                    F                           G
He learned to aggravate. He learned to fear and hate. He tasted blood and wanted more.
                           F                                             G                            Em                   Am
He watched his brothers die, and heard their mothers cry, and he held our flag up high.
                  C                                Am                               F            G           C     G
Marching down the road with a heavy load, he never stopped to ask God why.

                   C                                       Em                           F                          G
And, when he came home he was a different man, but he could not tell you why.
C                                       Em                               F                     G
He never danced, and he never smiled, and you never seen him cry.
              F                                 G                                    Em               Am
He was all alone. His love for life was gone, when she came into his life.
                  C                                     Am                          F            G         C     G
And, the light of his life was like a shining star and she soon became his wife.

              C                          Em                           F                          G
C                            Em                           F                           G

                 C                                        Em                               F               G
And, the years they passed, and their love did last, and she bore his family.
C                                      Em                                               F                      G
And, the day she died, he sat alone and cried,  beneath a weeping willow tree.
                         F                           G                           Em          Am
But, what she left behind by the grace of God was to be his destiny.
                C            Am                              F         G       C     G
Shining stars and racing cars were added to his family tree.

              C                          Em                           F                          G
C                            Em                           F                           G

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