Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tonight on Television - A Tribute to a Great Man by the Great Man Himself

I expect many, many, many people to watch the prime time movie on television tonight. It has been played over and over again for the past five years to much great success. It is about a man that says he was born in Hawaii, grew up in poverty, and has set out to make the world and especially America a better place.

However, he has made enemies on his path to transform America into a place where everyone gets an equal piece of the pie that was once the American dream. These enemies say all of the records he has shown of his birth, education, and finances apparently false. They believe that his teen years were spent as a youth that barely escaped being sent to prison. They say that among his careless acts as a youth, and even in recent history, has been to use false identifications and records to obtain a free education, and become elected or appointed to government offices. There are supposed records that do show that both he and his wife became lawyers, but both of them lost their license to practice law due to charges of fraud, and other crimes.

But still, this man rose rapidly through the ranks of the most corrupt political party in America, and is now looked upon as the poster child for government corruption. The only benefit America has received from his services is to be able to watch him play golf, and his wife throw parties on television travel channels such as FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and other lesser known channels.

However, he has managed to accomplish many great things that the entire Democratic Party has been trying to do for more than 60 years. He has created the great cities of Detroit, Chicago, WDC, Stockton, Riverside, Fresno, and others. He has been able to lead many of our largest energy providers into bankruptcy. He has even been able to bring the entire coal industry into shutdown mode. And, his overseas accomplishments are just as notable. The deaths of an ambassador, and the heroes that tried to protect him. He has been able to supply guns and ammo to drug cartels all over the world. He has supplied military arms, ammo and equipment to Hezbollah, a major international terrorist organization that wants to rid the world of Israel and the (USA) Great Satan. He has been able to bring our military home from the battlefields of Iraq, and the people their obviously love him for leaving them unprotected from terrorists. The same goes for his record in Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and a host of other peaceful countries that love us.

He has many more accomplishments, but I do not have time to list them all. Yes, tonight will be a great night to watch this magnificent specimen of a man of the American Communist Party (aka the Democratic Party) once again tell the sheep that follow him how great he is, how racist his enemies are, and how the minor problems plaguing his healthcare legislation is only a minor setback in his plan to turn America into the ultimate 3rd world country.

Yes, I know where you will be this evening.

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