Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Business Plan

Now, here are the only 3 options I have regarding the blogs of Better World Media. BWM is the corporate name that combines photography, music, travel, and writing under one umbrella name.
1.) Choose one passion to work on and discard the rest.
2.) Give up and close them all down.
3.) Keep them all, and accept my limitations.

Without a staff of writers, editors, secretaries and go-fer's I cannot work on my blogs on a daily basis. So, here are the only three choices I have:
1.) Stop working on one of my passions.
2.) Give up and delete them all.
3.) Update them on a monthly basis.
So, here is what will basically be my new business plan:
1.) Keep them all, and accept my limitations.
2.) Update them on a monthly basis.
3.) Don't worry about it if I still can't keep up with my work load.

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