Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Playtime Is Almost Over

For more years than I care to remember I have been blogging for my personal enjoyment, information and education. I  have not written my posts for promotional purposes. I have only written for my own use, and for those who happened upon an article that I either posted or posted about. It will not be an overnight change, but I am starting to make a change.

Better World Media, my current primary blog will one day soon cease to exist. However, almost ever article that has ever been posted in Better World Media will be in the archives of the blogs I am now preparing to go commercial with. This blog contains articles about all of my passions in life outside of my family. However, successful commercial blogs are not operated that way. Successful blogs are like magazines that you would buy at a news stand, except they are on the internet. And, they each serve their own special niche. And, that is what I will now try to begin doing. BWM has 3 primary niches, - music, photography, and travel. I will now have 3 blogs, one for music, one for photography and one for the travel industry. I have already started preparations for establishing each of these blogs under the following names:

Better World Music: BWM is my blog about all phases of the business of music. Music has been a lifelong passion of mine. However, due to the business of life I was separated from the industry for many years. Today, however, I am a musician, I am a songwriter, and I am a performer of sorts. BWM will be about all of the aspects of the music industry that I deal with as I write, perform and promote my songs.

Better World Photography: BWP is my blog about the hobby and business of photography. Photography has been a life long passion of mine. I have made several half way attempts at establishing a business in freelance photography. I now know enough about what I like to photograph that I am establishing two specialty niches, but clinging to my stock catalog because I do have a tendency to start clicking the shutter at anything that interests me.

Better Word Travel: BWT is a blog that deals with what I have done all of my life, travel. However, it is my hopes that I can build a business of my own within the travel industry, and travel in a way that I was never able to do before due to time constraints and commitments.

The blog you are now reading will remain active for now, but will be deleted as my other blogs are ready to go on their own. I have some editing and design work to do on each of the above listed blogs. And, very soon I will add an affiliate program to each of them. Together these 3 blogs, and more are in mind for the future, will form a media corporation under the flagship banner of Better World Media.

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