Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Marketing Secret

Want a marketing secret?

Want people to look at your site?

Then do what I just did. My site needs some SEO work. I know it, but can't afford it now. Besides, I have some time before I am ready to try to go pro. But, I keep getting new followers that make the same promises.

So, I made the following post: Yes, my site will one day need a good SEO workout. No, not now. I will let you know.

That post was made just over an hour ago. I have received e-mails from 9 SEO companies since making the post. And, you can bet that most, if not all, of those who sent me an e-mail also visited my site.

What I have just learned: Talk to possible future clients about their interest. Get just a little on the personal side if they seem open to it. Then, show/tell them how you can help them improve their product or (if they seem open to it) make their friends and family happy. The first chance they get they will be looking at your site to see if you really can help them. Photo buyers are people. They like to be liked.

Warning: Never promise more than you can deliver.

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