Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oklahoma Social Club

Are you interested in finding old friends? Do you want to make new friends? Are you unsatisfied with sites like

I am. And, that is why I have just set this site up. Yes, this site is so new that I am the only member of the Oklahoma Social Club. But, if you join there will be two members. And, you and I both can try to find other people to join this site.

Why join Oklahoma Social Club?

Well, when you join OSC you can join a group, or you can create a new group. Each group will be it’s own little community of old friends, and new friends. And, we will all belong to the Oklahoma Social Club. If you have ever lived in Oklahoma and want to find old friends, or if you live here now and want to stay in touch, this is the place to be. It is a small, new site now. But, you can make it grow.

Someone you know also knows where more of your old friends are. Get them to join OSC and help you find old classmates, neighbors, friends, girl-friends, boy-friends. And, you can make new friends with those who now live in your old community.

How can you help OSC grow?
That’s simle! Send e-mails to, send snail mail to, or just call every one you know that lives/ever lived in Oklahoma, that lives/ever lived in your old home town, that went/ever went to your old school. Give them the link to Oklahoma Social Club, and tell them to join. And, tell them to start posting.

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