Monday, August 3, 2009

A Social Site for Truckers

Well, here it is. I have started this site to give truckers their own "full service" social web site.
Trucks - Truckers - Trucking is the center point of this site where all of us can communicate through blogs, notes and comments. But, here is also where any driver can start any group that they want. For instance, I will be starting a group called Western Flyer Express, the company I work for. I will try to turn this group into a newsletter for my company. But, there is no limit to the kind or number (Well, I guess we should have a rule for no "extreme" nakedidity. And, nothing threatening or of a violent nature.) Just use some common sense.

The only way this site will grow is if you join and post to it, and if you tell friends to join and post to it. This will have to be a self sustaining site. I have several other sites that I work on, and I truck. Therefore, I have little time to devote to posting on here. I will do my best for this site. I hope you will too.

I will take the time to get some stuff posted on this site next week. I will then try to advertise to let people know about it. Otherwise, I need your help. Please join and let's get this site going.

Ooops!!! Time to go to work. Do you see what I mean about the time element? Please help me!

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