Friday, November 6, 2009

Has My Time Came

It seems that my life has, for most of my life, been chaotic and pointless. But, I have struggled through it with a dogged determination to make my life mean something. For the past few years, since all of my children are now grown and on their on, I have been working toward a new career, in photography, that I believe will be rewarding, challenging and satisfying to me. As of today I do not have the equipment that other professionals say that I need to go into the business. But, I am at a point in my that says "it may be now or never".

I am currently on the road in Phoenix. It will be a few days before I get home. When I get their I will probably be fired from my job. Nothing bad has happened, and I still like working for my employer. My work record is in good shape, and I believe my employer appreciates having me around. The problem is that I now have 2, and possibly 3, moving violations that will be going onto my mvr. Company policy states that I can have no more than 2 citations in a one year period. That is the problem.

I will probably talk to my employer in the next couple of days to try to arrange a "voluntary quit" situation with them if I can. I believe that will look better if I need to worry about it in the future. I believe they will work with me on this. There is a slim chance that they will try to find a way to keep me hired on. But, I am not counting on that. So, I am in the process of finalizing some decisions that I have been working on for quiet some time, and making plans for what I hope will be a speedy recovery from this situation regardless of the 10.2% unemployment rate that the U.S. is now coping with.

Originally it was my plan to retire from trucking, move to Las Vegas and do event photography. I believe I am now putting that plan on hold, and for several reasons that I won't waist time with. It boils down to the economy, family and personal preferences of lifestyle. Enough said on that.

Assuming that this will be my last time out for this company my plans are now as follows:
1.) Start the process of filing for disabilility income through the government. I do not want to file for unemployment benefits, and probably would not get them anyway.
2.) Look for a place to live. I may live with my son for awhile, but I prefer to move to a rural sitting.
3.) Start a job hunt. This may not happen right away, if ever. I may instead try to push into reality some of the plans that my son and I are working on, and start doing photography in Oklahoma. There is also my writing projects that I need to work on. And, I believe I can make some money with the web sites, and other projects that I already have going on the computer.

4.) Enroll in school. I want some training in Photoshop, Quark Express, and some business courses.
5.) Furnish my home.

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