Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learning While Doing

 Kenny and Gina Claxton
Nikon D200, ISO: 100, 1/60 @f5.6, fixed strobe, 65mm, clear sky.
Today was a good day. My first photo shoot since leaving my 35 year career (hopefully forever) of trucking, and starting to test the waters of a new (hopefully permanant) occupation. The photoshoot was in downtown Pauls Valley, Oklahoma at the historic train station. My clients were a family who live in Pauls Valley. After almost 300 clicks of the shutter I believe the family is receiving a good number of terrific portraits. The best part about it was the almost total lack of extra equipment I needed. It took only one flash unit, and sometimes I used only the on camera flash. The best part of the day is the education I received from  the shoot. I know that I will become more proficient with each shoot that I work. Today's shoot is the kind of shooting I like to do. Keep it simple! Keep it fun! Get it done!

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