Friday, December 25, 2009

Cost of Doing Business - an NPPA publication

The following is what I have been studying tonight. It is a "Cost of Doing Business" calculator by Greg Smith of the NPPA. The way I see it, you cannot loose by joining professional organizations such as this. These are his figures, but I used them for myself because I may be moving to a city with expenses comparable to his in the near future.

Annual Expenses

Office or Studio (more info)

Advertising & Promotion (more info)

Phone (Cell, Office & Fax) (more info)

Subscriptions & dues (more info)

Photo Equipment (more info)

Business Insurance (more info)

Repairs (more info)

Health Insurance (more info)

Computers (Hardware & Software) (more info)

Legal & Accounting Services (more info)

Internet (Broadband, Web site & email) (more info)

Taxes & Licenses (Business, Property & Self-employment) (more info)

Vehicle Expenses (Lease, Insurance & Maintenance) (more info)

Office Assistance (Payroll) (more info)

Office Supplies (more info)

Utilities (more info)

Photography Supplies (more info)

Retirement Fund (more info)

Postage & Shipping (more info)

Travel (more info)

Professional Development (more info)

Entertainment (meals with clients) (more info)

Desired annual salary (more info)

Total days per year you expect to bill for shooting (more info)

Non-Assignment Income

Stock, print, and reprint sales (more info)


Total annual expenses (including desired salary)
Weekly Cost of Doing Business
Your Overhead Cost for a Day of Shooting (more info)

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