Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Site Growth Dismal - and other improvements: )

I will post when I can. But, my plate is full for some time to come. I am off of the road (for good, as far as trucking goes, I hope), but I have to find a way to produce an income. Hopefully, I will produce an income with my photography and some writing. I am also looking at some web design work.

And, I am trying to learn to treat my body better. It seems a miracle to me that I can actually sleep 7 hours without waking up. With just a slight change in my eating habits I have lost 12 pounds. My legs are no stronger, but they seem more limber. I even walked more than half-a-mile at one time yesterday. I hope to do a mile today, and more, more, more. And, I think my nerves are settling down even though I am still jumpy. So, I may at least have improved health to look forward to.

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