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Important Digital Photography Tips That Beginners Should Know

Nikon D200, 24mm, f/8 @ 1/45 second.
Hey people! It's almost over. We are in the middle of March. So, will someone please tell the weatherman that he can stop this crap at any time: ). This shot was taken February 8, 2010 from my balcony in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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By Darren Flanagan

The Digital Camera is one of the great inventions of the technological age, it won't change the world but it does help capture that great moment in time, in your life. Here, we walk the amateur photographer through some of the best digital photography tips that can bring on a photographers skills in leaps and bounds. These tips can help you become a better photographer and help you feel more comfortable and confident with your camera.

Get to know your camera and how to use it properly. Each digital camera has its own individual modes and functions. The best way to get to know your camera is to read the instruction manual which comes with it. Don't just throw it out.

Even on sunny days you still might need to use your flash outdoors. Sometimes, when taking photographs on a sunny day the sun can throw dark patches or shadows on your subjects. Using the flash on the camera can help brighten up the subjects in the photo.

Learning how to hold your camera properly can help you from deleting wasted shots from your camera at a later stage. Hold your camera tightly in both hands, in order to avoid that dreaded shake in your shot. Try and keep your limbs and watches/jewellery behind the lens. Also, when pushing the capture button, push it gently and make sure that the camera doesn't move. If possible you can use a tripod.

If you're not planning to use you digital camera for long periods then make sure to remove the batteries from the camera. Sometimes the batteries will leak within the camera which is not good and can cause damage. Better to be safe than sorry.

Check your local area for camera clubs or groups. You could join a local photography club or group and get any queries or questains that you have answered. Another amateur photographer is bound to be experiencing the same issues as you. Maybe you could accompany a more experienced photographer on a shoot and see if you can pick up any tips.

There's no need to go mad and buy the most expensive equipment right at the start. Use a cheap and easy camera starting off so that you can get to know the basics first. It's easier and cheaper to iron out the problems at the start and buy more expensive equipment as you get more confident.

Study other photographers work and try and learn from them. Visit photographic competitions or galleries and maybe you will pick up some tips or ideas for your own photographs. Try not to copy the works you have studied but develop your own style from the ideas you pick up and bring it out in your photos.

These are just some of the best digital photography tips that I remember being given when I started off with my first digital camera. Being able to get the basics right in digital photography is the key to getting those developed, skillful shots.
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