Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama Outlines Revamp of Education

Comments on: Wallstreet Journal article: Obama Outlines Sweeping Education Revamp

Journal--The Obama version would essentially flip the government's focus by setting firmer, nation-wide goals for success while allowing more latitude for how states reach those goals. The proposal would also judge schools by the growth of individual students instead of overall class performance. The aim is to assure that high school graduates are "college-ready and career-ready."

While I like the first sentence of this paragraph I do not see how the second sentence could be maintained without introducing an option to assure that every student received the individual attention needed to meet the standard set for graduation. But, I do agree that big government needs to butt out of state and local matters. I would add that the teachers unions need to be reigned in as well.

While keeping in mind that today’s education system must meet the needs of society tomorrow it must also be realized that math, reading, penmanship, comprehension, science, history, geography and sociology must be taught. The methods used to teach these subjects need to be perfected, but the need for those subjects to be taught today are no less important that they were yesterday. Their importance will remain, or our education system will continue to suffer.

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