Monday, August 30, 2010

My Retirement Goals

On November 7, 2009 I was physically far past ready for retirement. The fact that my nerves got to me last week after driving a taxi for less than two weeks pretty well makes the case that after nine months I am still not ready to return to a job that requirs the time and effort that most jobs today require. At least the jobs that I can qualify for. So, the way it looks, I am now permantly retired from the job market.

However, this does not mean that I am mentally ready for retirement. It just means that it is time for me to be a little choosy about the kind of work that I do. And, I believe I have worked hard enough to earn the right to choose the kind of work that I want to do. That does not mean that I have a guarantee of success at what I do. It simply means that I have earned the chance to try my hand, brain and talent at whatever I want to work at.

Perhaps I will someday be able to afford to buy new camera equipment. I hope so. I would like to keep shooting, and prove to myself that I have the talent to make a living doing the kind of photography I want to do. Perhaps I will finish writing some of the stories I am now working on. And, perhaps I will be able to turn one or more of my blogs into commercial enterprises. But, right now, a lengthy writing project does not appeal to me. So, I will write what I can, when I can. Past that, I am just not interested in worrying about writing.

What I should have done on November 8, 2009, which is the day that I retired from a 35 year career of over-the-road trucking, was what I finally done just over a week ago. What I should have done was march my fat little body down to the music store to spend a healthy portion of my savings on all of the music equipment that I could afford. If I had done that I would now be nine months closer to realizing a long forgotten dream. I do not expect to become a professional rock or country music star. What I would like to accomplish is to write some songs, get them published and recorded by professional musicians. And, what I would like to do is get good enough, and have the confidence to play for my family and friends. I have no desire to tour for months at a time with a band. Local work will make me happy.

Since the mid-1990's I have realized that I have a natural, but still raw, talent as a rythym guitarist. I play a decent second lead guitar, and I am trying to become an accomplished lead guitarist. All I need to do is work as hard at doing this as I have worked all of my life as a professional trucker. There will be no problem there as long as my health will allow it.

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