Monday, August 9, 2010

Satisfied - Jewel

My life is in a whirlwind these days. I am chasing dreams that I had put off chasing. I am having fun, but I am very tired. I may try to save a little of my energy for my next life. I just hope that I take what I have learned in this life with me to the next one. These days every morning when I wake up my mind is boggled by the possibilities in front of me. I have taken a gazillion photographs. I have experienced so much good in my life that it is almost incomprehensible. There are so many memorable events that they seem to be spilling out of my soul. And, sometimes all I want is nothing more in my life than to sit around, pick a guitar, write songs, and drink a cold beer now and then. But, sometimes I just take a deep breath, and I ready for the second half of life.

Most artist of any persuasion can relate to this song:

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