Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chasin' Dreams

Chasin' Dreams (on the Dotted Line)
Copyright, 2011: Keith Birmingham
126 bpm in 4/4 time

C    D
C    D
C    D    A
A                G               A
Something told me a long, long time ago.
A                               G                       A
That I should cut the strings and let her go.
A                                 G                    A
And, today she's in the arms of another man.
A                                      G                       A
And, tonight I'll sleep with another one night stand.
C    D    A

A                                 G                    A
I've spent my life rollin' down the dotted line.
A                                     G                    A
I was chasin' dreams that never would be mine.
A                                   G                      A
Now I find my self at the end of the dotted line.
A                                        G                       A
And, the dreams I've always had are all that's mine.
C    D    A
C    D    A

LEAD: Chords and notes of the verses.

A                                  G                  A
Though some may say I am a broken man.
A                               G                A
I've always known exactly where I stand.
A                                       G                       A
And when the piper calls I'll hold my head up high.
A                                           G                    A
I'll kiss the moon and then I'll dance in a stary sky.
C    D    A
C    D    A  fade

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