Monday, January 10, 2011

In Memory of Roxanna Green

Roxanna Green, born September 11,2001, died January 8, 2011 as a result of a gunshot to the chest. Roxanna was one of 6 people who died at a political rally for Gabby Gifford (Democrat), a Representative of the state of Arizona. As of this writing Congresswoman Gabby Gifford is fighting for her life in a Tucson, Arizona hospital.

What should be made of the fact that the innocence of a nine year old girl was lost in this tragedy? What should be made of the fact that she was born on the day that our nation lost it's innocence? The nation will soon join the parents of Roxanna Green, and the friends and relatives of the other five victims, as we lay them to rest. But, what do we do when the funeral services are over?

I would like to think that yesterday was the beginning of our nation refocusing our attention on the problems that face us as a nation. Immediately after September 11, 2001 our nation stood together in our determination to destroy the evil that attacked our country. But, it was only a short term reaction. Now, the United States, over the past nine years has become a fractured nation. We have a fractured society, and a fractured government. The word racism is tossed about more frequently than ever, and by more segments of our society. America seems paranoid, and rightly so, that our borders are unprotected. Drugs and gangs have turned our cities into sewers, and they are now invading our rural communities. Pedophiles are killing our children. Bomb squads are being called to our schools on a daily basis. The people we send to Washington, D. C. to manage our affairs spend their time pointing fingers of blame at the opposing party, and seem incapable of managing their own affairs, let-a-lone a nations affairs.

I hope that each of us will, on a daily basis, look closely at the image we see in our mirrors. And, each day I hope we will recommit ourselves to becoming a part of the solutions to our societal problems. I hope that each of us will rededicate ourselves to becoming more pro-active in the political process of our government.

It is said that politics is the art of compromise, but our politicians have seemingly lost that skill. Nobody likes to loose an argument, but history will show that this nation is strongest when everyone works to earn their share of the pie receives their share of the pie. I believe that most important talent a politician should have these days is the act of compromise. It makes everyone a winner.

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