Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Slum Called Las Vegas

The Vdara is a 56 or 59 floor hotel in City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. We stayed on the 43 floor. It is a bit different than the average Motel 6.

I should first tell the readers of this post that I have tried to find a way to live in Las Vegas since I first visited the place back in 1974. At this time I no longer have that urge.

The language in this post IS MEANT to offend the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and especially the people who govern the city of Las Vegas. I apologize to my friends who read this, and get offended by what they read. But, you already know that I will not pull a punch when I am mad.

Way back when I was a child fresh out of the 4th grade my family spent the summer in Imperial Beach, California with my dad. And, of course, he took us to Tijuana, Mexico. In Tijuana I got my first glimpse  ghetto life. The smell was that of a sewer. I saw scantily clad hookers walking the streets. I watched grown ups that had nothing better to do that take a piss on the street. One man even dropped his drawers and squatted to take a crap. It was about that time that I asked my dad, “Can we go home now?“

Last week I spent 4 days in a SHIT PIT called Las Vegas. Tijuana has moved north. In two short years this city has gone from a city with major problems to being the stink-hole of the west. I was in Las Vegas from June of 2010 to November of 2010. The city had financial problems just like every other city in America. But, back in 2010 the city was still filled with confidence that some piece of pig shit in Washington D.C. would solve the problems, and that they would remain Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World.
Well, they no longer feel that way. They have lost all pride and self-esteem.

The primary purpose of my trip to Las Vegas was to speak to street entertainers to see if I wanted to return to Las Vegas to busk there. I am sure that there are more buskers there than I was able to see, but they could not have been more wretched than the ones that I did see on this trip. What is currently passing for buskers these days is, from what I saw, mostly nothing more that street urchins that have found discarded costumes in the dumpsters behind the casinos. And, those costumes had not seen a washing machine since they were first discarded. There was no entertainment from them. Most of the “would be” buskers were sitting against the wall, or laying on the benches along the street.

 The Strip is nothing more than a 6 lane garbage dump. In 2010 you could see the cities street-sweeper trucks almost daily along the strip. I doubt that those trucks run more than bi-weekly today. And, the garbage dump is being looted by Tijuana street urchins. If you think that my references to Tijuana is wrong I will simply say that it is a half-mile walk from the MGM at Tropicana Avenue to Harmon Avenue, the northern entrance to City Center. The shops and bars there used to be a family destination where you took your kids to purchase Las Vegas souvenirs. On Saturday night I walked to and from the our room at the Vdara in City Center with my grandson to watch a movie. The street was, of course filled with music. But, it was “ALL” Mexican music. That part, at least, of the strip now belongs to Mexico. All of them were so drunk they could barely stand. The men stood against the buildings like it was the latrine in a New York City subway station. The women looked and acted like inmates from an asylum.

The street in front of the Bellagio was clean. I never made it north of the Bellagio this trip, at least during my walks. We spent a lot of our time visiting friends and dining in places off of The Strip. I have had more meals in the last 6 days than I normally have in 6 months at home. That boy of mine, and his family, likes to eat. We spent $200 bucks to feed 5 people at one place. But, I was in heaven eating the filet mignon. I did not even have a mixed drink. A long-necked bud cost $5.50+. I drank a lot of water at $1 to $3.75 per bottle.

The problems that Las Vegas faces today cannot be blamed on the Bush administration. The problems are there because Las Vegas had a building boom that lasted from the mid-1080’s until about 2007. Of course the problems that face the city would not be as extreme if the whole world were not now in a recession. But, the problems stem from that socialist piece of pig shit called Harry Reid, that dumb-ass communist Nancy Piglosi, and the Liberal Savior (that cannot walk on water) Barack Obama. As usual, the Occupiers are protesting in the wrong places. Yes, capitalism has some problems, but the system is not broke. It simply has leeches that now live in Washington D.C. And yes, Wall Street has thieves there, but they would not be there if we did not have the leeches that are in Washington D.C. And, the sooner the American people realize this simple fact, the sooner we will leave the recession behind us.

If we had politicians in WDC with the balls to start doing their job today it would still take Las Vegas 5 years to climb out of the sewer that Harry Reid has created there. Las Vegas has their problems because there government is run by socialist. They are not Democrats. They are Socialist/Marxist.
And, another 4 year term by Barack Obama will make every city in America look, smell and be like the ½ mile section of The Strip that I have written about in this post.

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