Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Needed: Cut Rate Motel on Wheels

Needed: Cut Rate Motel on Wheels

What I have, and what I need, are two different things.

What I have: 2002 Acura in darn good shape. But, it don’t have a bed in it. And, it don’t have an auxiliary power unit in it.
 I have the car. I need a van something like this one. An older one is fine if it is mechanically sound.

What I need: Any decent utility type van than I can toss a mattress in. I do need it to be reliable, have an a/c a heater, and an auxiliary power unit.

Why do I need this van: I will be storing everything I need to live and work on the road, in the van, while doing a crowd funding project. The project is a multi-part, multi-city, multi-trip, multi-month journey around the U.S., with the possibility of venturing into Canada and Mexico. The purpose of the trip is two-fold. I plan to begin a career as a street musician/singer. And, I plan to do a photographic documentary about buskers via “Tunesmith Tavern”, my music blog, with the possibility of several photographic  calendars and books coming from the project. And, there are other photographic projects I have that will be included in these trips on a “while I have the opportunity” basis.

A little about ME: I am a 63 year old male, now retired and living on a pension. I lived for 35 years as an over-the-road trucker. Everything I needed to live and work with was within 6 feet of where I sat to do my job. This trip will require no more than I carried in my truck. Sleeping in a van will be a lot cheaper than paying for a motel room every night. I plan to use truck stops along my way to have showers available, and the necessities I cannot carry in the van. I expect there to be little difference in this lifestyle than the way I lived as a trucker for 35 years.

What I am asking from crowd funding is your help in purchasing and equipping this van. Don’t worry, I have the camera, computer and music equipment that I need. My main concerns are to have a decent place to sleep. I am 63 years old. I have no desire to sleep on the ground again. My ambition is to establish myself as a musician. Once I start making money as a busker I will be able to meet all future expenses. I just need to prepare for bumps in the road.

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