Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chasin' Dreams (on the Dotted Line) - Keith Birmingham

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Chasin' Dreams (on the Dotted Line)
Copyright, 2011: Keith Birmingham

Something told me a long, long time ago.
That I should cut the strings and let her go.
And, today she's in the arms of another man.
And, tonight I'll sleep with another one night stand.

I've spent my life rollin' down the dotted line.
I was chasin' dreams that never would be mine.
Now I find my self at the end of the dotted line.
And, the dreams I've always had are all that's mine.

Though some may say I am a broken man.
I've always known exactly where I stand.
And when the piper calls I'll hold my head up high.
I'll kiss the moon and then I'll dance in a stary sky.

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