Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Tree - Keith Birmingham

Family Tree - Keith Birmingham.lyrics
Copyright, 2011
At 100 to 110 bpm in 4/4 time

Just a foolish lad chasing after dreams, never worried about the cost.
Running fast and running free, never missed what he had lost.
Chasing shining stars he drove the fastest cars, never giving up the pace.
Running down the road, headed for the gold, a winners smile was on his face.

When he became a man his life began to change the day hea headed off to war.
He learned to aggravate. He learned to fear and hate. He tasted blood and wanted more.
He watched his brothers die, and heard their mothers cry, and he held our flag up high.
Marching down the road with a heavy load, he never stopped to ask God why.

And, when he came home he was a different man, but he could not tell you why.
He never danced, and he never smiled, and you never seen him cry.
He was all alone. His love for life was gone, when she came into his life.
And, the light of his life was like a shining star and she soon became his wife.

And, the years they passed, and their love did last, and she bore his family.
And, the day she died, he sat alone and cried,  beneath a weeping willow tree.
But, what she left behind by the grace of God was to be his destiny.
Shining stars and racing cars were added to his family tree.

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