Monday, January 21, 2013

Keep It Simple! Keep It Fun! Get It Done!

OK. I have been told many times over the years that I should try my hand at writing as a profession. The fact is that I have many ideas on almost a constant basis to use for writing books. Another fact is that I could write volumes about how to make mistakes in your life that will cost you everything you have worked hard to accomplish. But, I am going to have to make some decisions about my life before long. For example, do I move to Vegas to pursue goals that I have worked for over two years to reach? That appears to be the best place for me to do exactly what I want to do. Or, do I move to OKC to be closer to what part of my family is available to me? Or, do I give it all up, stay where I am now, and try my hand at writing?

Now, I want to admit that I have done one thing very wrong over the past two years. It has driven me nuts at times, but it has also been very rewarding in a personal sense for me. I retired for health reasons three years ago. It took a year for me to qualify for my pension. I spent that first year trying to recuperate my health. In August of 2010 I bought a guitar to get re-involved with what was actually my first career choice way back in my high school days. In January of 2011 I purchased a full set of camera equipment to start working on a new career in photography. Over the years I have made a little money with my photography.

Anyway, over the past 2 years I have become deeply involved in music and photography, and I am now hoping to build a new career in each field. And, this may be my downfall. I cannot help but continue working with both my photography and my music. But, I am very lucky that my pension will support me if I make no money at either. What I am getting at is that I want to warn those who are reading this article to adhere to my personal philosophy better than what I have done. I would not have it any other way for myself, but I want to warn people that there is a reason photographers who specialize in one photographic specialty have a much better chance at succeeding than photographers who spread themselves thin by trying to earn money at several types of photography. What I am saying is it that there is too much to learn in any profession worth pursuing to try to tackle two professions at once. Over the past two years I have wasted a lot of time doing photography jobs that did not pay at all, or pay well. And, my marketing program is the pits simply because it takes far too much time. And, I have spent at least the same amount of time working with my music. I would have been much better off to concentrate working with either my photography or my music, and getting one going as a career, and using the other as a hobby. My suggestion: choose one career, and give it your best shot. However, I have enjoyed the past two years. And, maybe that is the main purpose of life.

In other words, do as I say, not as I do.

Keep it Simple! Keep it fun! Get it done!

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