Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Will You Do

This song was started 2 days ago, and finished yesterday. My songs are posted here in hopes that readers will contact me for the chords and other info on the song. You are free to use the songs at anytime, but if you record them for sale and distribution I do then expect fair payment. Thanks.

What Will You Do
Copyright, 2013 by Keith Birmingham

What will you do
When the time has come
To admit to yourself
That your race has been run..

What will you do
When you come to the day
You find that your future
Is slipping away.

Will you sit by the window
And, stare into space
Will you lie in your bed
The world not to face.

When time is against you
Do you sit there and cry.
Are you wasting away
And, hoping to die.

What will you do
When it comes to that day.
Will you lie in your bed,
And, waste it away.

My body was weakened
And, slow was my pace.
And, I was afraid of
Of the world I would face.

But, each day I manage
To find a new way.
To rise from self-pity,
To sing and to play.

And, time, it has shown me
That life’s will is strong,
And, I will keep dancing,
And, singing my songs.

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