Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Price You Pay

I wrote this song just a few days ago. As I read it again, just before posting it, I am struck with the feeling that I could have written all day and not completed the song. So, I imagine that as I play this song in the future I will take parts of this song and make new songs out of it. That is nothing new though. I think I have done this several times.
The Price You Pay
Copyright 2013, Keith Birmingham

Where did you think it comes from,
The money that you pay,
For all that your consuming,
For all the games you play.

You come drivin’ down the street
In that fancy new car.
Wearin’ all your fancy clothes,
And, smoking’ big cigars.

You sat there drinking whiskey
Watching your big screen t.v.
Never once are you a thinking,
That you stole that stuff from me.

It wasn’t you who paid the price
For everything you own.
I’m the one who foot the bill,
Worked fingers to the bone.

When he promised you the moon,
From Washington, D.C.
He forgot to let you know that
That the moon was bought by me.

And, the price that I have paid
For taking care of you,
It’s costing me my freedom
And, it’s all because of you.

So, now I’m here to tell you,
Just how it’s gonna be.
Yes, now I’m here to tell you,
That I’m here to set you free.

Your free from all the burdens,
The Argument and strife.
Your free to carry on
With you possessions and your life.

You can buy the things you earn,
And, live high upon this hill,
But, now it’s up to you
I will no longer foot the bill.

So, tell me, what’s your plan?
What are you gonna do?
To fund the life your living,
And, all the things I’ve given you.

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