Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tips For Entertaining Summer Road Trips

By JJ Martin

Summertime is road trip time. After the harsh winter roadways, clear summer roads are a welcomed sight. Longer days mean more sunlight for driving so there's no better time to hit the road. Summer weather can provide near ideal road conditions making any trip easier. Whether in a car, truck, SUV, or RV a summer cruise is just what is needed to chase away the remaining winter blues. Put the top back or windows down, turn the radio up and drive.

Vacations are typically planned to get to the destination as quick as possible to enjoy the trip more. For most this means traveling by plane and dealing with the dreaded airport and baggage fees. A better way to travel is the old fashion road trip. Everyone pile in and ship out. Traveling by road gives you the option to stop at as many or as few points of interest on the way as you would like. Best of all, bags ride for free!

A road trip doesn't always have to be a coast to coast deal. Road trips can be used as bonding time with family and friends. Day road trips can be just as enjoyable. Finding local attractions within a couple hours of your house can make for the perfect way to spend a day off of work with the family. A quick weekend getaway to a nearby campground is another enjoyable summer activity that involves a short drive in the summer sun.

Once all the road games have been played and conversation is starting to fall off modern technology is there to save the drive. The longer the drive the more helpful modern technology can be, especially when traveling with kids. Listening to the radio or playing games on a tablet, iPod, or handheld gaming device can help pass the time. 12 Volt TVs and portable Blu-Ray and DVD players also offer entertainment for longer trips.

Even if you are not able to plan a family road trip, a summer drive can still be a mood booster. Hop in the car and turn up the radio and air conditioner. Hit the road with no destination in mind and see what you may see. And hey, if you really want to enjoy the fresh summer air without all the heat, put the air on full blast and crack the car window. Enjoy the summer roadways and remember to stay safe.

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