Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love Your Profession, or Leave It

It is not all fun and games
In my 35 year career as an over-the-road trucker the prayer I most used was one asking for a shorter day. If you don’t know trucking you may not know what a long day is really like. Many is the time I watched the sun come up more than once before getting some sleep. But, I retired 4 years ago, and for more than 3 years I have been working hard, and learning 2 new professions, photography and music. And, these days I am asking God for more time in my day. But, the length of day never changed through 35 years of trucking, and it has not changed since my retirement. But, I know God is out there, because I am still alive. There has been a few times that I thought I would never watch another sunrise or sunset. Truthfully, I do get some sleep almost every night now. But, often I am too keyed up to get much sleep. And, when I climb out of bed I do two things. First, I grab a Pepsi for my dose of caffeine. Then, I head straight for my desk. So, I am back to working long hours. I will not lie and say that I never wish that I was back in a truck and rolling down the highway. I will say this: find something you love doing to make a living, and you will never complain about going to work again.

But, you can meet a lot of interesting, uh, people.
Actually I did have about 2.5 hours of down time today. I went with my roommate, and sat in his car for about 1.5 hours listening to radio while he attended a class to renew his certification for his job. And, my camera was in my hand the whole time. I clicked a few photos (these are not them), but most of the time was spent re-familiarizing myself with my camera.

By the end of the day you have earned your keep, but there is still work to be done.
It is evening now, and the television is behind me. “The Big Bang Theory” is on. I recognize the voices, but have no idea whether it is a re-run or not. Are they still producing this show? While traveling to and from  the class that my roommate attended today I told him that after 4 years off of the road I am still lost as far as knowing how to live like a normal human being. Sometimes he thinks I am really strange. Most times I know that he and everyone around me act like pampered, spoiled rotten little children. It is the same way I felt when watching grumpy old truckers complaining about whatever. It is the same way I felt when listening to newbie truckers whine about having to work more than an 8 hour day. I often told the grumpy old truckers and the newbie truckers the same thing: Actions speak louder than words. Stop your whining, do your job, or get out of the way.

You will have to find the profession you love. It is not even interested in looking for you. Don't wait. Do it.

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