Friday, December 20, 2013

Storewide Drastic Price Reductions


 DRASTIC, DRASTIC, DRASTIC, PRICE REDUCTION on everything in my online studio. This includes prints of all sizes and finishes, gifts for the household such as (like what you would buy from an online "print on demand" store like Cafe Press or Zazzle) refrigerator magnets, tote bags, post cards, photo stickers, and more. Need a T-shirt, apron, button with your favorite photo from my FINE ART GALLERIES!!! Yes, the company I work with finally heard me yelling and screaming. I have been telling them that I wanted to work on the quality of my product, and let them worry about the quantity sold. So, finally they made my website so that I could set my own prices. I have slashed them down to the bottom to help me build my client base. I can’t do this for every, but I would like too. CHECK OUT MY ENTIRE SITE! But, take a close look at the FINE ART GALLERIES. They will be growing over the next few days.

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