Monday, May 19, 2014

Moving In

Setting Up Shop:

Setting Up Shop: (Feed Link)

It may even happen today. I may be traveling to Weatherford, Oklahoma today to sign paperwork on my new living arrangements.  However, even after I sign the papers I may only leave some of my belongings (stuff that I don't need everyday) there. We have lots of stuff to do before the transfer is complete.

We have found a house in Edmond for my son and my granddog: ), so I may not be needed to take care of her. Truthfully, I would like to go back out to Las Vegas, but my legs will not hold up for me in that 3 story house that I was living in out there, and other suitable arrangements are out of the picture out there. So, it looks like some changes are in store for my business plan (not so much work, and more play), and my personal life.

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