Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Power of Your Vote

Ask yourself: What power do I have to choose who I want to lead the nation I live in.

Everyone has a boss, or two, or three, or four. America needs to get over the belief that there is a secret club of the rich and powerful meeting in the basement of some rich dudes mansion somewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa, South or North America. There is nothing secret about it, and it is not a club. People of this stature would not have to hold board meetings to plan the future of this planet when a telephone call will  suffice. And, it is these people who can and do have the power to draw up a list of people who they know that they have control over. And, it is very easy for them to make them the President of the United States, or ruler of any other nation. Everyone has a boss, or two, or three, or four. The good old USA has the best propaganda force in the world in the various news agencies that serve up their propaganda. And, there are other news agencies around the world that assist them in all matters when needed.

You have to admit that America and the rest of the planet, is better off being run by a few brilliant people than by having people with the mental idiocy you see on Facebook choose who we put in our superficial offices.

So, who are these people, and how do they choose our leader? They are, for lack of an actual name, the Lords of Industry. And, they are the unmistakable end result of the industrial revolution. And, without them we would still be in the 16th century, if not in caves. And they choose their candidates from the same kind list that we do. But, their list is much longer. And, we choose our candidates from a list that they themselves have made up according to who meets their criteria. They own them all, because all of them are the whores of politics, and all of these whores have been bought and paid for by the same system.

We meager citizens of the USA, in the end, now choose our President from a beauty pageant that last for 2 years. And, we have done it this way since the beginning of the industrial revolution. And, we are better off than we were before the industrial revolution. Because prior to the industrial revolution it was no more than a bunch of rich, fat, white folks setting around talking politics in a tavern on the grounds of a sportsman’s lodge. The method we use today has prevailed simply because it has, for better or worse, promoted the advancement of mankind.

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