Saturday, April 21, 2018

Parks, Trails and Other Projects

It has been a four-year trip filled with mixed emotions. In 2014 I lost my complete photo catalog of over 140k files due to a computer glitch. That amounted to up to 13 years of hard work. The funny thing was it really caused me no depression and not a lot of anger. I just simply accepted it for what my life was, constant disappointment. There was nothing I could do about it.

Three years later I was back to shooting, but just as a hobby. Afterall, where I lived there was not much that I was interested in photographing. But, by the end of the third year I was looking forward to moving back to Las Vegas and finding work in the travel industry.

But, almost immediately after I arrived in Las Vegas in May of last year I began going on photo walks in the local parks. Eleven months later I have photographed in the neighborhood of 50 local and regional parks and made my first trip to Death Valley. And, the computer workload involved in what I am now doing could keep at least four people busy on a daily basis for weeks, maybe months. 

My interests in the travel industry remain high. I am learning all I can about writing travel articles and doing all of the travel related photography I can. I will soon start trying to attract people in the local real estate industry to view the parks and trails catalog that is and will remain my primary photo project for the time being. However, I do have other photography projects in the works. At this time I do not shoot portraiture. Maybe someday I will set myself up in a studio, but my passion currently calls for lots of walking and exploring. It is this exercise that keeps the blood pumping, my heart ticking, and my creative juices flowing.

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