Friday, February 15, 2019

Simple Update

Getting and staying organized has, by far, been the hardest part of my journey. But, while it is not 100% perfect, my photo catalog is finally manageable. I am now filing my photos into these 9 categories: commercial and industrial, event, family, nature, other, people, places, and pptmm. The category "other" is simply for test shots that I make. The pptmm is short for parks, preserves, trails, memorials, and museums. Each is then broken down into a state or country where the photo was taken. From there it is broken down into subject photographed. And, I do not look to add another category.

This reorganization has been a major undertaking for me, but I believe it will also be a major time saver for me in future projects. The only improvement I see that I may have to make as my catalog grows is to break down each catalog in 2 stages. By that, I mean that I will take each of the 9 categories and break them down into 9 more categories with the same names.

And, that is about all I have been concentrating on for the past couple of months. It is not the best way to spend a winter, but I believe my catalog will, in the future, be much easier to work with.


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