Thursday, March 14, 2019

Correcting My Failures


The process will be a long and tedious one, but I believe my online studio, Better World Media will now slowly begin to look like a professional studio site. The fact is that I have been extremely busy producing material to be put on the site, but I have not taken the time to do the job right. I will now try to correct that mistake.

I believe in my work, and I will not give it up. And, I will not stop producing material for my site. But, I will learn to do the job right.

What was wrong? Simple stuff. For example, I was posting the material but not titling my work, nor was I captioning my work. Why? Because I was concentrating on one thing, producing material. In other words, I was playing at the game of professionalism. So now, the real work begins. It will be simple and easy work, but tedious and time-consuming. Wish me luck.

Last night I worked on at least one gallery. However, I will consider my Allegro Park gallery the actual beginning of this process. This is where I started working this morning. Please click the link and visit the gallery. I hope you enjoy it.


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