Saturday, July 11, 2020

Restart Time


Finally, I am back, partially, maybe, hopefully. Well, I have a computer that works, but a slow internet speed. And, I have completed, or at least caught up with family matters. So, all that is left to do is computer catch-up work. And, I have started that.

I am currently in the process of editing 100+ photos that I clicked off at the National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians on a couple of recent trips to Anadarko, Oklahoma. Anadarko is a largely American Indian community, and these photos are from a memorial to famous American Indians. Once edited these photos will be posted on Better World Media. Hopefully, some will go on my stock agency sites.


I am also working to get my Adobe  and Alamy stock agency sites up to date and running, However, it appears that this COVID 19 mess remains a factor in this project. Evidently there is a personnel shortage of some kind at the headquarters of both agencies. They are being very slow to approve/disapprove my submissions.

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