Thursday, July 30, 2020

Scissortail Park, OKC, OK.
Things are still hectic in my neck of the woods. I do not expect things to be anywhere near normal for a couple of more months. It's all medical issues and family matters for members of my family. I am just trying to help them out.

I made another trip to Oklahoma City today on some of the aforementioned problems. When that was taken care of I googled Scissortail Park and went to take a look. It is not what I expected, but I will try to get back there soon and spend a few hours there. I did not stay long. It was mid-day, hot, and my camera was not working properly. So, I snapped a few shots and headed home. Like I said, my camera was not working properly. It appears that my house guest may have played with my camera while I was not looking, and if I don't constantly work with the controls I have to learn them all again. I have not done my normal amount of camera work for the past four months. I hope that changes soon.

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