Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bouncing Back


“Bouncing Back and Starting Over” will be the replacement title for my fundraiser. “Happy Birthday to Me - Not So Much”, evidently was not a good campaign title or story for a fundraiser. I still have problems that stem from the same issues, but next week I will make the decision on whether to replace my van or rebuild it.

Choice #1.) Most people have told me to find a cheap replacement, keep my payments low, and pray. 

Choice #2.) Another choice is to borrow another $6k and put a new motor in the van. This will more than double what I owe and extend the loan contract by over a year. 

Choice #3.) And the one I am leaning toward tonight, is to find a cheap replacement vehicle, find a place to store my van, come out of retirement and find a trucking job, pay off my transportation debt, and rebuild my van.

More to come. 

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