Friday, April 22, 2022

Donate Thru CashApp

I have spoken with a couple of people today that have run successful fundraisers thru GoFundMe. They both think that I should leave my fundraiser up and running and try to find the key to making it successful. They say that fundraising is often a fickle thing where you never know when or what it takes to turn things around and head for success. So, I have decided to leave it up for now and try to find the time to work with it. Please understand that I am also very busy trying to find a way to solve my problems without a fundraiser. I will keep trying to do this as I work to make the fundraiser a success.
You can support my future efforts by visiting my blog at and clicking on my $CASHTAG in the right-hand column. If you cannot donate to my cause just drop a note to say HELLO.
THANK YOU for your help and confidence in me.

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