Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What Else Can I Do


What I  am looking at now is staying in Oklahoma until the seniors' apartment complex in Boulder City calls me. In about a month, my eye will heal enough for new glasses. Once I get them I can try to get my CDL Class A license again and get back on the road. If that fails I may just stay in Oklahoma The problem now is that I am low on funds and have no place to live in Oklahoma either except for my van. But, that may be where I have always been headed anyway..

In 2 months I will have what I hope is my last appointment with my eye doctor, I hope. I will then go thru the VA to get an eye exam and new glasses. I will then, try to find a place to get a DOT physical that will not require me to have a sleep apnea test and a stress test. If they all demand those tests I will try to find financial help through rehab to get them. Once that is done I will try to find myself a west coast run out of OKC, and/or apply to companies with west coast regional runs. I have no desire to run west of the I-35 corridor.

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