Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Life Goes On

Me in 2009 at 287 pounds.


Someday I will return to Las Vegas, hopefully, to live, but after experiencing what goes on in that city during a panic like the Plandemic caused I think I am better off in a red state. I plan to do basically the same kind of photography in Oklahoma and the surrounding states as I was doing in Nevada, but I also plan to do more industrial work, like trucking photography. And, of course, I hope to start playing my music again. And, I would like to get back to driving a truck to make a living. 

Me today at about 220 pounds.

I am feeling better about myself than I was just a couple of days ago when I still had no idea about what to do about my financial situation. You may think I am nuts, but by mid-October, I will be on the road to boondock as a way of life. And, I still need to make a trip to Bullhead City, Arizona to get my belongings that are in storage out there. I have plans and dreams. It is time for me to do something with my plans. It is time for me to chase my dreams. I am again putting a hold on my GoFundMe site, at least until another incident puts me deeper into the crapper. I am putting all of my troubles in God's hands. He is a lot better at managing my life than I am. And, yes, I hope to be making a living driving a truck by October.

Me at 18 and 157 pounds.


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