Sunday, September 25, 2022

West Coast Blahs


As per my last blog, I did not have a successful meeting and I decided to move on. I left Las Vegas around 13:00 Friday afternoon and arrived in Sayre, Ok. around 17:00 Saturday. I did my best to not be in a hurry, but my trucker blood was flowing. When I have someplace to go I usually run until I’m done.

I was able to take it easy today once I got to Weatherford. But, tomorrow I plan to get my mail at Kay’s house, move my hhg from Clinton to Weatherford for storage. I will then get a post office box and try to register to vote. Then, I am free to do whatever comes to my mind. 

Some readers may think I wasted a lot of money on failed trips trying to move back to Nevada. And, maybe the first three trips were a waste. But, the fourth trip opened my eyes to what Democrat policies have done to the entire WEST COAST. And, the fifth trip solidified what I had learned. I came back here to be where there is still a lot of COMMON SENSE. 

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