Friday, September 9, 2022

Rock Bottom Or Heaven’s Gate

Well, because I am a little picky about where I live,  it looks like I have made it to living a van life. There has been no movement toward me getting an apartment in Weatherford, OK. I am still #3 in Weatherford. It is the same where I have been waiting for coming up to five years for an apartment in Boulder City, NV. I am still debating ever living in Southern Nevada again. I was packed and ready to head that way this morning but Common Sense kicked my butt. So, I did some Craigslist research. It looks like California has moved to Nevada. Prices are way out of my league. 

I started this blog sitting in the laundromat in Weatherford. My laundry is done. I have been looking at going to OKC tonight but ,,,,,,,,,,,. I’m thinking I need to go somewhere to see something I have never seen. Southeast of Amarillo there is a canyon I have never seen. Further south is the Big Bend Country of Texas. But, northwest is Santa Fe. I have been thru there a couple of times in a truck, but never stopped to see the town. But, here I now sit at the Ole’ Fishin’ Hole in Weatherford, OK. I am just relaxing and enjoying a beer. 

I bought my van in April of 2019 for two reasons: 1) A hedge against a socialist government. 2) I was a bit more than curious about living a van life. Now, I get to prove to myself that I can lead this life that is most definitely not for everyone. If I fail, I fail.

 I am happy for the chance. 

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