Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Dreams Die Hard.12

Winter is over. Spring has sprung. It is the last week of April, and the last week of weather that is too cold for my old body to be working outside. The past three years has pushed me 10+ years closer to my grave.

I have started making much needed repairs to my Bucket List Buggy. When I moved into my apartment almost 5 months ago Winter was blowing in and I was sick, tired, and weak. I was looking forward to hibernating through the Oklahoma winter. My van was in reasonably good shape. Now, not so much. Well, mechanically, it seems to be fine, but one side door and one rear door has needed latch replacement work for 2 or 3 months. And, just last week the blower motor went out on my a/c and heater system. The blower motor has become my top priority.

On Friday, May 5th I will take a trip to the DEAM McGee eye institute in OKC. It is a routine checkup. Hopefully, it will be my last trip there. Then, I will head to the VA Hospital to complain that my vision is still terrible and that I want a surgery to remove the excess skin on my eyelids. And, maybe get another pair of glasses. Hopefully, that will help. Today I removed the seats and bench from the back of my van. Tomorrow I will load it with some camping gear in case I decide to stay in OKC overnight. It looks like crap but will be better than renting a motel room.


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