Sunday, May 7, 2023

Dreams Die Hard.13

I believe I have the money to buy my a/c blower motor but I am trying to put that repair off until the last of this month. Yes, the weather is getting warmer, but I am trying to stay ahead money-wise just in case something unplanned happens.


Well, two days ago I received some medical advice that will cut this post short and slow my productivity down for a while. My eye doctor suggested that it may help if I stop my computer work for a while to relieve tension. I have actually been slowing down on this for a few weeks, and doing very little photography work as staring at a computer screen has become a very irritable exercise. I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days and I have decided to give it a try. So, my postings may slow down for now. Instead, in order to stay somewhat busy I will spend more time on my music.

I want to start posting some of my plans to describe how I hope to keep doing a van life, but on a part-time basis for now, while getting prepared to go full-time in the future if needed to do my work in photography and music. The past three years of living part-time in my van have shown me that I am on a huge learning curve. I am lucky that 35 years of my life were spent on the road as a trucker. I have already learned the fundamentals of surviving with the minimum. But, the most important thing that I have learned is that I will need to maintain base camp to be able to do my work. That base camp can be a storage or a normal home or apartment. I hope to be able to keep an apartment. 

I am not yet sure whether I will do a van build on the van I now have or just keep using portable equipment like I have done for the past three years. For now, I plan to stay with the portable equipment while I make repairs on my van that have become necessary with the advanced age of my van. The following is a short list of needed repairs: (1) I plan to try to hold off until the end of May to replace the a/c blower motor. This will depend on how much traveling I do and how hot the weather gets. I could do it now but I want to hold on to the money for any emergency that arises. (2) I need to replace the cables for the latches in one of my rear doors and one of my side doors. (3) Electrical problems now consist of cruise control repairs. Other than these three items my van is in decent shape.


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