Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life by the Drop - SRV

This song was posted on by son's Fb page this morning. So, although my first son and daughter have dis-owned me and may never speak to me again, I take comfort in the fact that he listens to the music I love. He has the zest for life that I still feel. In the eight years that I was a part of his family I never saw feelings like that unless my son and I were cruising the country roads. I would sip my beer. He would drink his soda. And, we would enjoy having each other around. I never wanted to go home, because life was cold there. And, that is why I stayed drunk. In the years that he was growing up the connection we had stayed with me. I would be driving down an interstate 3000 miles away from him and know that he was sick or hurt. I knew when he almost drowned. I new when he was in a motorcycle wreck. I knew that he was in the bay area when that quake hit San Francisco, even though his home was in Manteca. That is the connection we had.

Until his death SRV was one of the greatest blues men on the planet. Thirty years ago I stopped listening to blues (except for 2 or 3 bands) because of where it took my soul, and because it makes my gut wrench with pain. I understand that part of the human experience is to feel pain. So, I understand that I am not the only one that has gone through this pain. But, back in those days I was full of self-pity. Now, I guess it's time to pull out a Stevie Ray Vaughn c.d. that I own, but have not listened to in about 10 years.

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