Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where the "But, ---" Stops

Sample A:
A man takes the time to file and get the proper papers. He legally flies overseas (or steps across the border) and finds work in a my country. He keeps the papers he filed for in legal order, and available at all times. He works, pays taxes, and lives a clean life. This man should be allowed to stay in my country as long as his papers are legal. I have no problem with that, because that means there are no problems in his country. As a country the United States has a system which legally allows a certain number of foreign nationals into this country to work.
This man does not need my help.

Sample B:
A man climbs a fence, rows a boat, swims a river, or bails out of a plane. He lands in my country and takes a job from me or my neighbor. If he files a tax return it is under someone elses name. He takes the refund if tax laws allow for it. He starts using another new name if no refund comes back to him. In other words -  he pays no taxes. This man has been breaking the law from the get-go. If he stepped into my house uninvited I would have the right to shoot him. And, I would, a dozen times over.
This man needed my help, but chose to commit crimes against me instead.

Butt, ----

If the man in "sample B" would have asked me for help I would try to help him make his homeland a better place to live "if" he would stand and fight beside me. That way he would not have to steal from me. He could stay at home with his family, and the world would be better off.

But, if that man crosses the threshold uninvited into my home I will blow his friggin' head off, cut his nuts out, stuff them "UP" his throat, and send him home to momma.

And , the part about standing beside me while I fight for you, my friends, is the reason why I am ready to bring my brothers and sons home from the mid-east. And, it is why that damned border should be protected from anyone that would even sneeze in it's direction.

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