Friday, October 8, 2010

The David Hartley Story - a possible scenario

While I will not state an opinion as to the truth behind the David Hartley story, I will say that evidence now points to the truth of Mrs. Hartley's story. And, as an American, I prefer to believe Mrs. Hartley. You can call the shooters pirates if you want to. However, pirate is a word that is used to describe a thief whose turf is the open seas. Perhaps a better description of the men who attacked the Hartley's would simply be gang members from south of the border. Because the incident happened on water it may be called an act of piracy. In reality, perhaps it was gang members, or maybe even "wanna be" gang members out to prove their value to a Mexican gang. In all probability David Hartly has been murdered, and his jet sky was taken as booty. This could even have been done as an initiation into a gang. Now, those who committed the crime are hiding behind the protection of a gang that is affiliated with a drug cartel. And, the Mexican authorities do not have the balls to go in after the perpetrators of the crime.

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