Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Started With a Writing Career

Self-Portrait.test shot

While my schedule is not quiet figured out yet, and I have really not decided how or where I am going to enter the marketplace as a professional photographer/writer, I am getting closer to making decisions on my new career choice. In photography I am now working in six main categories of the marketplace. And, all of those markets can be broken down into several specialty niches. But, I have set to paper a self-analysis of where I now stand, and what my photographic strengths are. I am now contemplating them, and hope to make some firm decisions within the next day or so on the direction I will take. My next blog will be about the decisions I make, and why I make those decisions.

I am now on a "self-inflicted" weight loss program. At least I am beign wise by starting out very slowly. The photograph above was shot on April 7, 2009, and shows me at around 267 pounds - the most I have ever weighed as far as I can remember. I have been retired from my previous occupation since November 7, 2009, and about three weeks ago I weighed 253 on the same scale. I have not weight since then, but have tightened up another notch on my belt. My major problem right now is that I can only walk "just less than a mile" in about 20 to 25 minutes. But, I am getting around better every day, and will be increasing my walking workout about every second or third time out. Another side benefit from all of this health stuff is that I hope to get involved with other people doing the same thing I am. This will hopefully lead to more photography and writing opportunities.

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