Monday, January 4, 2010

Self Analysis

Working on my strengths.
I am spending a lot of time the past few days trying to decide where I am going with my photography. The following is a self-analysis that I hope will help me narrow down my subject focus, my market.

A. What “categories” do you now work in with your photography?

    1) People
    2) Industrial
    3) Nature
    4) Event
    5) Travel
    6) Symbolism

B. Now, name them in the order of most work done “to” least work done.

Industrial, travel, nature, event, people, symbolism.

C. Now, name them in the order you like working in the most.

Travel, people, event, nature, industrial, smybolism.

D. Name your strongest point in each category.

    Travel = I like to travel and explore new surroundings.
    Nature = I like to be in nature if the weather is not too cold.
    Industrial = 35 years in the transportation industry.
    Event = When working with people I am best at doing editorial type “lifestyle” shots.
    People = I like to do lifestyle and portfolio work with entertainers and models.
    Symbolism = I would have what I need to work at home with very little except for props/people.

E. Name your weakest point in each category.

    Travel = Very tired of going all of the time. Would like to slow down.
    Nature = Not physically fit enough for hard stuff.
    Industrial = Not inspired enough to work in transportation industry.
    Event = No connections. No money to attend.
    People = Previous occupation kept me away from any kind of social life. Need experience.
    Symbolism = New category for me.

F. What other skills do you have to help you in photography?

Writing skill that should be good for travel articles, editorial, story, and opinion work.

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