Monday, January 11, 2010

Specializing in Serving You

My photographic work is based on the lifestyle that I strive to live. Although I am currently exhausted from 35 years of constant travel I have no plans to stop traveling. When I want to stay at home, my “event and portfolio” photography will allow me this luxury. However, my specialties in travel, and the health and fitness lifestyle” will allow me to travel when, where and how I prefer to travel.

I am currently equipped to work in my specialties in 35mm digital format. I am currently making arrangements that will enable me to replace or rent any special equipment that I will need or do not own.

My photography is split between two markets - the personal use and publication use markets. My “personal use” work consist of “event” and “portfolio” photography. I cover events in an editorial/documentary style. My portfolio photography consist of studio and location photography for comps, headshots and book prints for speakers, athletes, models and entertainers from all segments of media. My “publication use” work consist of editorial style photography serving editorial and commercial clients in travel, and the health and fitness lifestyle. These are the specialties that will allow me to keep traveling.

Much of my “publication use” work will be done on a local, at home basis - especially my health and fitness projects. One of the benefits of this specialty is that it should encourage me to improve my health.

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