Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Camera Equipment

I am switching from Nikon to Canon. Will try Canon for 2 years. May switch back.

Nikon Camera Equipment For Sale

1: Nikon D70s camera. #3061353

1: Nikon D200 camera. #3043492

1: Nikkor AF-S lens, 18-70mm zoom, Nikon ED1:3.5-4.5G,
    w/reflector ring, Nikon DX #453142764
1: Nikkor AF-S lens, 24-85mm zoom, Nikon ED1:3.5-4.5 G,
    W/reflector ring,  Nikon SWM ED IF Aspherical 067 #452090544
2: Tiffen 62mm UV Haze-1 filters

1: AF Micro Nikkor lens, 60mm, 1:2.8, #5007002

1: AF VR Nikkor 80-400mm zoom, Nikon ED lens, 1:4.5-5.6 D w/case,
    and reflector ring.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
1: Tiffen Circular Polarizer, 77mm.

1: Tiffen Haze-1 filter, 77mm.

1: Nikkor lens, 70-300mm zoom, 1:4.5-5.6, w/reflector ring.

2: Nikon Speedlights, SB 800, #2437981 and #2456850

1: Lumiquest Softbox LQ-107

1: PhotoFlex 45” Convertible White Umbrella

1: Giottos LC244 Air Cushioned Light Stand

1: RPS Light Stand, small

1: Monfrotto monopod, model 681, #AU 450746

1: Slik single action panhead

1: Giottos MT 9180 tripod, aluminum

1: Stroboframe (for mounting flash to camera).

1: Nikon SC28, speed light cable
1: Nikon camera bag

3: Nikon EN-ELe batteries, Gray, 3 point, for Nikon D200 camera,
    #6302c, #5Z028, #6213C.
1: Nikon EN-EL3a, battery, Black, for Nikon D70s, #M5aaa

3: Hoodman 1GB, compact flash, professional memory card.

1: Hoodman 4GB, RAW UDMA300X, compact flash, professional memory card.

1: SanDisk Ultra II, 1GB compact flash.

1: Transcend 45X 256MB compact flash.

1: Transcend 80X 256MB compact flash.

1: Transcend 80X 512MB compact flash.

2: Nikon HB-28

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